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Gardendreams About us

Gardendreams has years of vast experience in the manufacturing of aluminium veranda's, garden rooms, carports, fences and glass sliding systems. In a short time our company has become a large supplier in the market porch. One of the largest in Europe with a great variety in the dealer network. Every week we receive new requests to join our Gardendreams dealer network. Those requests are viewed carefully if a company is or is not going to be trained to become a Gardendreams dealer. This indicates to us that there is an enormous confidence in the product Gardendreams.

The Gardendreams range is strongly characterized by the diversity and creativity. Where most suppliers will cease, Gardendreams goes further.
Constantly engaged in product development and refining existing products, that is the progressive strategy of Gardendreams. Not one project is too big for a Gardendreams dealer.

At many suppliers you can choose from a number of standard sizes and often you have to pay much more for a custom-made product. We believe that when you invest in a sustainable product as an aluminium veranda you should get exactly what you want.
We call this "specific-custom-made".
Gardendreams delivers the veranda's to a specialized dealer network, where you can get customized products at no additional cost to measure. This way you always get exactly what you want without paying an extra high price or have to saw the profiles when you choose to build your veranda by yourself, with all the risks on damage.


Some manufacturers order their products like aluminium walls from a other supplier. These suppliers are often not able to deliver the same exact colour as the profiles of the manufacturer. This way there is a big change to get a difference in colours between for example your veranda and an aluminium wall.

Like mentioned before, Gardendreams has its own production and clear agreements with the supplier about the colour and quality of our products. Gardendreams supplies the powder which is also used for the profiles of you veranda to our suppliers. As a result, it is certainly for 99,99% sure that there is no or acceptable colour difference between the accessories and your veranda.

High quality aluminium
Some manufacturers use thin aluminium in their products to keep the price low. We do not call this bad, but off course this means that these aluminium products are going to bend faster. Our opinion is that this is not acceptable because we want that all of our products give our customers joy for many years.
The Gardendreams System has thicker aluminium profiles, which means that by our system you need reinforcement in the girders from 450 cm depth.
Also are all our verandas statically calculated on the German "snow areas zones" so that the strength is guaranteed. With a carrying capacity of 90 kg to 135 kg per m² you are assured of the highest capacity in its class. 

Follow your intuition
Please ensure you get well informed about the systems and the experience of the salesperson (Gardendreams provides all of the dealers schooling). The price of the veranda should not be the guiding principle of your investment. The price and quality ratio has to be right, the explanations and tips of the seller must be correct, the installation and any additional options; So you can enjoy your dream garden!

That's why

10 year warranty

Roofing without sagging

Standard extra stability

Integrated drainpipe

Aluminum cover profiles for the sides and top

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