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The Expert Edition
The Expert Edition
The Expert Edition

The Expert Edition with Polycarbonate

Extra solid gutter

  16 mm polycarbonate GD Clear or GD Opal

  Standard gutter profile

  Extra strong gutter

  Statistical calculation

  4 standard colours: White (RAL 9016), Black texture (RAL 9005),
      Anthracit with texture (RAL 7016) or Grey texture (RAL 9007)

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Product description The Expert Edition with Polycarbonate

The Expert Edition is a variant of the Legend Edition with as biggear difference an extra thick reinforced gutter. By this it is possible to have a veranda with bigger widths and depths with only two posts.
Not only gives a better view, but it also creates more space unterneath the veranda what gives you more options to set up the room unternaeath as disered. Also the Expert Edition is widely used when a side and/or front walls needs to be placed.

With the Expert Edition you can chose from two types of standard polycarbonate roofing, GD, GD Opal or Clear. It is also possible to choose at an additional cost for a heat protection polycarbonate roofing.
Make your Conservatory into a complete garden room and protect yourself from the sun with our blinds.
Gardendreams offers many options to enjoy our verandas. Like almost all our verandas, it is possible to expand the Expert Edition with additional options for more comfort and to your own preferences.

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