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Veranda sanitation

Veranda sanitation

Preservation with fresh results

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Product description Veranda sanitation

GD Smart Wash sanitation products
Gardrendreams sanitation products are based on nano technology. Products with porous material treated with GD Smart Wash sanition products benefit the following features: environmentally friendly, waterproof, anti-algae, anti-mold, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning.
Our product range offers an active, protective and durable cleaning solutions especially for veranda roofings and glass sliding systems. These features not only preserves their original state, but also improves it. 

GD Smart Wash
GD Smart Wash is an active protective cleanser with a self preservation feature. It is an anti-static shampoo which is very suitable for polycarbonate materials.
The GD Smart Wash shampoo not only protects your veranda, it also adds shine to it. The shampoo is made for aluminium, glass and polycarbonate materials. It is very durable, therefore frequent maintenance is not necessary. Last but not least, the GD Smart Wash is based on water ingredients, therefore safe to use in regards of the environment..

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