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Gardendreams FAQ


Are the verandas available in multiple colours?

What should I do with my existing PVC pipe along the wall?

Is it easy to assemble a Gardendreams veranda?

What if I need to paint my window-frames?

Is there always a 3rd pile needed?

How is the connection against the wall?

Should there be foundation?

Are the veranda's maintenance free?

How many years do i have warranty?

What if there is a leak?

Do I need a permit?

Is it possible that Gardendreams arranges my permit?

Are the plates UV resistant?

How fast is the delivery?

How long does it take to assamble a veranda?

How many watts are the lamps?

Other questions

How many lamps can i connect to a transformer?

How many watt does a heater have?

How much distance must there be between the roofing and the heater?


That's why

10 year warranty

Roofing without sagging

Standard extra stability

Integrated drainpipe

Aluminum cover profiles for the sides and top

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