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Sun awning

1 June 2017
Gardendreams Sun awning protection veranda porch

It is almost summer! Enjoy the sunshine as well as the shades in your garden. Determine at what time of the day? That’s possible with the sun awning products from Gardendreams. 

At Gardendreams you can choose from 6 types of sun protection, five suitable for our verandas and one complete (stand-alone) construction.







 Slat Blinds
 Enjoy even more of the great outdoors on your  patio or under your veranda thanks to the slat blinds by Gardendreams.
 The slat blinds are exclusively produced for Gardendreams. The blinds have a very high quality and can withstand  extreme weather conditions.
 Because of the use of aluminium wires the canvas has a reflective effect on sun rays.
 This application allows for extra protection. There is a wide range of cloths in three colour variations (yellow, grey and  white).
 With the purchase of slat blinds you determine how long and when you want to enjoy the sun rays.



Under-roof awning

Perhaps the most famous and traditional sun awnings are the under-roof sun awnings.
At Gardendreams you can choose from two types of under-roof awning;
The GD Trend 200 and the GD Tracfix 879.

The rock-solid and stylish GD Trend 200 Solar protectionsysteem of Germany quality is good value for money.
It prevents glare from the sun and reduces the heat under a veranda.
You create your own shade quickly and easily with the electrical operating system. The GD Trend 200 is equipped with a very strong Somfy motor.

One of the optionals is a remote control for this powerful engine.

The GD Tracfix 879 is impressive in its simple design. The cassette is only 130 mm in diameter. The Tracfix-system gives you a close
conduction of the canvas in a closed circuit and suspends the canvas pretty tight.

You don’t have light seeping between the side guides and the canvas.

The cassette of Tracfix is made of high quality aluminum and available in the standard colours white (RAL 9016), cream white (RAL 9001),
anthracite textured (RAL 7016) or grey textured (RAL 9007). Other RAL colours are apossible and available at additional costs.

With this electric Solar protection in the collection of Gardendreams you have a very good price-quality ratio.
This simple and luxury systems are easy to operate with the built-in Somfy motor.
You can quickly and easily operate your Solar protection. This is possible with both a switch and an optional remote control.


 Plissé cloths 

 Plissé cloths are high-quality and luxurious shade solutions. The tiered folded cloth product has a quiet, tight but at  the same time playful look.
 By accelerating and tearing down the product you can play with the amount of light in your interior, so you can  endlessly combine with light and privacy.
 The Plissé cloths by Gardendreams are standard available in three colours: Anthracite, light grey and cream and are  all suitable for placing underneath
 a polycarbonate or glass roofing.The cassettes are available in 4 standard colours.



Vertical screens
With a vertical screen you are in control of the sun, wind and heat to your own requirements, especially
when the sun is low or there is a chilly wind, the a screen is the ideal solution. The canvas is mounted in an
aluminium housing  to your veranda. You can operate the screen electric (with or without remote control) and
set it to the position you desire. The cloth choice with the screen is also completely to your own tastes.


  Pergola with Fabric blinds

 You don't own a Gardendreams veranda, but you are looking for sun awning for in your garden?
 The Pergola with Fabric blinds is the solution for you.
 With the Pergola with Fabric blinds you can determine when you enjoy the sun or the shade in your garden. 
 A Pergola with Fabric blinds is a free-standing aluminum construction with a high-quality cloth made of acrylic,
 available in 4 standard colours. If desired, you can choose to have the canvas with this construction open or closed.
 At an additional cost, you can choose a reinforced cloth of high quality polyester, which even lasts longer and
 protects even better against weather influences. The aluminium construction is standard available in the colours:
 White (RAL 9016), Cream white (RAL 9001), Anthracit with texture (RAL 7016) or Grey texture (RAL 9007).

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