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The quality of Aluminium

7 October 2016
Gardendreams aluminium

Obviously you want to enjoy your aluminium veranda for years. All vendors guarantees high quality aluminium, but are there differences in aluminium? And what are these differences?
Much is said about the quality of different verandas and the systems with which the verandas can be expanded. But one of the main differences between verandas is the quality and thickness of the aluminium that is being used.
For comparison, we use an extra strong Giga gutter which is frequently ordered with our verandas. The Giga gutter provides such a structural capacity that even a veranda with the size of 700 x 300 cm can be placed on only two posts.

Aluminium Gardendreams

The first thing that strikes, is the thickness of the aluminium. Gardendreams uses aluminium of no less than 3 mm thickness, where the gutter of the competitors is just 2 mm or even less.
In addition, the wall profiles that connect the Gardendreams porches to the wall are 1.5 mm thick; half a millimetre thicker than the competition.

The gutter covers that are attached to the front of the gutter and will give the veranda an even more luxurious look, are extra robust and 140 mm high.

Apart of the thickness of the aluminium, Gardendreams products are known for the additional reinforcement of our aluminium, which is used in verandas, garden rooms and carports. This reinforcement makes it virtually impossible to make the aluminium bend when there is extra weight on it (such as snow).

Aluminium Gardendreams

Because of the use of aluminium thickness as mentioned, all the Gardendreams veranda’s are DIN EN 1090-1 certified. DIN EN 1090-1 is part of a series of standards introduced to meet the legislation for construction products. Besides of that, our products are also marked with the CE mark, which indicates that our products comply with the applicable rules within the European Union plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

DIN EN 1090 GardendreamsCE Gardendreams

To confirm again how strong our aluminium constructions are, Gardendreams has developed the Elite veranda. A veranda with a gigantic size of 7 meters wide and 6 meters deep just standing on two posts. The Elite veranda is available with polycarbonate roofing or you can equip it with a glass roof where also only two posts are needed.

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