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Veranda roofing

2 September 2016
Gardendreams roofing

At Gardendreams we have a wide selection of different types of roofings polycarbonate and glass.
A common question we and our dealers getting are wich roof is the best and what are the differences
between glass and polycarbonate?

In this article we are going to explain the differences between the polycarbonate roofs, their traits and
the difference between glass and polycarbonate.


At Gardendreams our customers can choose between 5 different sorts of 16mm thick polycarbonat roofings.
Beceause of the firmness and wheater influences a 16mm polycarbonate is the best choice for you veranda.

The Easy Edition, Legend Edition, Expert Edtion, Style Edition, Freestyle Edition en Elite Edition are supplied
with  16 mm polycarbonate GD Clear or GD Opal.
The name GD clear says it all; this roofing is translucent an lets light in.
The GD Opal is milky white coloured and lets less light through.

Optionally, you can choose in addition to standard polycarbonate for three variants polycarbonate;
GD IR Clear
This roofing has a clear/greenish colour, the roof plates are heat resistant and holding of a lot of heat.

GD Relax
Milky white colour, the plate heat

GD Extra bright
Transparent, gives clear view through the roof of your veranda.


When you choose for a glass roof you have to be aware of the strength of the veranda-construction.
A roof made of glass weights significally more than a polycarbonate roof.
Gardendreams veranda-constructions are build to carry the glass under all wheater conditions (such as snow).

The major difference between polycarbonate and glass is the light transmittance; Glass gives always more
light than plastics such as polycarbonate. However, polycarbonate is a good alternative. It is very light and are less expensive than glass.

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